Texas Crow Patrol's night hunting operations depend heavily on the use of spotlights, specifially LightForce brand spotlights.  For complete information on LightForce products, please click here to visit their website.


Reviewing the new LIGHTFORCE HID Handheld "Striker" Corded Spotlight (SL170HID)

LightForce Striker

The new HID (high intensity discharge) Handheld from LIGHTFORCE is a revelation as a nighttime varmint hunting tool here in Texas. This fall we upgraded from the standard Lightforce corded models - both the SL170mm and SL240mm versions, to this newest 35 watt HID model with the 170mm lens. We used their SL170HID model and it weighed in at only a light 1.9 pounds. While the 240mm version offers fantastic illumination, it is slightly more cumbersome to handle from a vehicle. Consequently, we feel the 170mm is the best sized model for our nighttime forays onto the ranches and farms where we conduct animal damage control activities from trucks or ATVs.

With the new HID version, the light beam is very white (5000K - standard color temperature) and fully illuminates out for several hundred yards making the identification of target varmints much easier. While gun mounted lights can be effective in some circumstances, we prefer to have light operators on both side of our hunting truck continually shining 180 plus degrees for "eyes".

This new high intensity discharge model also balances very nicely in your hand for comfortable operation for hours on end. The ergonomic pistol grip handle and the position of the switch have not changed from their previous models. It also retains the excellent "focusing" capability of the prior models, where one can simply turn the lens housing to lengthen or shorten the focal point of the beam. A very significant improvement with this new HID Handheld model is the greatly reduced power consumption requirement that does not overheat the cigarette adapter connection as the previous non-HID corded spotlight models had a tendency to do in the past.

Sweeping this outstanding HID powered cone of brilliant white light, as opposed to the slightly yellow light with other products, lets the operator detect eyes or "fur" quickly well beyond the range of other spotlight products. Picking up and "locking on" to varmint's eyes at long range is a secret to ecalling/hunting success that this product enables you to clearly improve upon in the field over other spotlights.

Skunks, that carry rabies, spray livestock protection dogs, and burrow beneath farm buildings, are a particularly tough nighttime target as they will not typically "shine" their eyes. This new Lightforce product projects more than enough light to allow the routine spotting of these low slung, mostly black furred pests. Reducing their numbers is really appreciated by farmers and ranchers, alike.

Safety when hunting at night is always the primary concern. When potential varmint targets are spotted, it can quickly be determined if a safe shot can be taken without endangering livestock or farm equipment, using the powerful halo that this new spotlight projects.

Beyond traditional varmint targets such as coyotes, skunks and raccoons, this next generation HID spotlight product is also excellent on the hogs that are overrunning our state. Farms and ranches are experiencing heavy damage from these feral creatures, and their nocturnal nature makes spotlighting an effective approach to hunting them where legal. Their dark and camouflaged coloration is no match for the hot, white light of the new Lightforce HID corded spotlight now available to hunters everywhere. The Texas Crow Patrol highly recommends this new product for night hunting and your other portable illumination needs.